Forever Young – Elderly Couple Skydive At 85 Years Old



They say “you’re as old as you feel” & if that’s the case this elderly Tacoma couple must feel like they’re in their 20s.  Earl Groshart, 85, and his wife Linda, 74, are living life to the fullest and taking the term “forever young” to heart as Linda puts “Living life with no regrets”.

Knowing that their days are limited together the couple created a bucket list of things they want to experience together.  Having already rode the Seattle Great Wheel and checking off parasailing, next on their list was skydiving.

Earl, having already had 5 heart attacks with the last being congenital heart failure, was advised by his doctor to be careful with his jump since his heart couldn’t take anymore strain.  Wanting to experience this together Earl and Linda found an alternative, indoor skydiving; I wanted to go real skydiving but I got a heart problem,” said Earl. Not the one to let down his wife Linda, Earl stated “I figure I better now try.”

“You never know how much time you have left you know,”  Linda said. “You don’t want any regrets like why didn’t I do this or why didn’t I do that.”

What next on Earl & Linda’s bucket list? Not sure, but Earl & Linda both loved their indoor skydiving so much their next go around they want to actually jump out of  plane.

When you’re ready Earl & Linda be sure to give RushCube a call we’d be honored to accommodate you and help with your first real skydiving experience.

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