Skydive Promise Saves Man’s Life


Ed Fleming (right) with grandson Cameron Kotek (left)

As exhilarating as skydiving can be who would have thought skydiving would save one’s life, well that’s what happened to Ed Flemming.

Having promised his grandson that he would go skydiving with him once he turned 18yrs old, Flemming (74 yrs old) set out to get a medical clearance; as required for all individuals over 65yrs by the skydiving company that Flemming and his grandson planned to use.

“I took the stress test Friday afternoon and was driving home and got a call from them saying to turn around and get to the Austin heart hospital as soon as you can” Flemming states. Come to find out Ed needed open-heart surgery to treat five blocked arteries – a quintuple bypass, he states. Ed was in disbelief stating that he believed it was a mistake because he felt fine, with no symptoms.  Three days after being diagnosed Dr. Brannon Hyde, the surgeon who performed the operation, said the Ed’s situation was worst than he knew. Without the surgery Ed would have eventually suffered a major heart attack.

A doctor’s visit turned to life saving surgery and all because a promise to skydive with his grandson, which Ed says he aims to keep once cleared by doctors.

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