Skydiving Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Skydiving is a male-dominated sport, 86% of skydivers are male according to the United States Parachute Association to be exact, but there’s a group of experienced female skydivers from across the country that believe that will change soon.

Meet Sisters in Skydiving, group of experienced female skydivers that come together each year to provide advice, motivation, and more importantly friendship to one another and novice skydivers.

With a group consisting of well credited skydivers holding both state & world records not to mentioned a national United States Parachute Association judge and Federal Aviation Administration master parachute rigger, it’s safe to say that the conversations are far beyond those of how to properly wear your hair under a helmet and finding the right size gear for their body types; which by the way is very important.

A weekend full of “positive and exciting energy” as one attendee put it, “(Sisters in Skydiving) is such a rewarding program to be a part of, we can share our own knowledge with other girls and stay safe in the process.” Tandem jumps for beginners, fun jumps for the experienced skydivers, and this year the chance of breaking 2 New Jersey state records, a productive weekend to say the least.  One skydiver in attendance at the age 70 had completed more than 1,170 jumps alone, while another had been part of seven world records in a variety of disciplines and had completed more than 3,700 jumps. 45 women from across the country coming together in fellowship over a sport not known to have female participants with such impressive merits, but clearly that is not true.

Trade in the day at the spa and enjoy not just the intense rush you get from jumping out a plane but enjoy the focus and destress while falling from the sky.

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