Limitless: Life Without Limbs

Imagine losing the use of not only your hands and feet but your limbs all together, for evangelist Nick Vujicic this is a reality. Born in Victoria, Australia in 1982 without arms or legs, Nick has dealt with the troubles of not being able to take care of his basic needs or walk.  Nothing could have prepared Nick’s family of his condition (phocomelia), going undetected to numerous sonograms, but they came together to support Nick’s physical condition.

Nick Vujicic Surfing

At the age of 19yrs old, Nick began his speaking engagements and traveling the world sharing his story with millions and inspiring students, teachers, business professionals and those who also live life with physical limitations.  As the years passed Nick’s celeb grew with him adding author, musician, and actor to his list of talents.

nick vujicic snowboard

To date Nick is the president of an international non-profit ministry, Life Without Limbs founded in 2005, and married ( to wife Kanae Vujicic in 2012) with two sons (Dejan & Kiyoshi).  Continuing to prove that there is no limitations on life other than what you put on yourself, Nick enjoys skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, and all other activities he’s been told he could never do.

Nick Vujicic and Kanae Miyahara wedding photos
Nick Vujicic and Kanae Miyahara wedding
nick vujicic family to be
Nick Vujicic with wife Kanae Vujicic

Nick isn’t the only survivor out there living everyday to the max with a condition others would consider a burden.  Hirotada Ototake is a sports writer and survivor of tetra-amelia syndrome.  Joanne O’Riordan, survivor from Ireland has spoken with the United Nations & MIT as well as written many books. Jennifer Bricker, born without legs, is an acrobat and aerialist who has performed on tour with Britney Spears and was the first handicapped high school tumbling champion in the state of Illinois.

Hirotada Ototake
Hirotada Ototake
Joanne O'Riordan
Joanne O’Riordan
Jennifer Bricker
Jennifer Bricker

No matter what you believe is holding you back, no matter your situation just know you control your life not your circumstances.  Life is full of endless possibilities, life has not limits.nick-vujicic-quotes

~Cool Story Bro

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